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If you're looking for long term sustainable results, this takes real commitment and a desire to change.  Therefore I find that my personalised plans set the right foundations to enable new habits and changes to develop over a period of time.

I offer a choice of 3 programs, which are tailored to your individual needs, and the level of support you need to achieve your health and wellness goals. Programmes are based on either weekly, fortnightly or monthly contact requirements; prices start from £405.

My 3 plans are as follows:

  • Essential

  • Signature

  • Platinum

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This programme provides monthly support and is tailored to give you the essential tools and knowledge to start you achieving your health goals. It’s ideal if you’re experiencing some minor health concerns and unsure about where to start and would like some clarity and direction. A perfect programme if you are already self-motivated and have the self-discipline and accountability to make the changes required.


The signature programme is tailored plan designed to provide an enhanced level of support to encourage and motivate you to stay focused on your goals.  You will receive more regular fortnightly support, where I’ll be assessing your progress and we’ll be delving deeper into why these changes are occurring and understanding the root causes and how we can resolve these issues going forward.


The Platinum programme is a tailored plan that offers a greater level of weekly support.  If you’re really struggling with your mood, fatigue and hormones, I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way to educate, help and support you feeling your best. The programme is ideal if you have more complex health concerns or if you feel like you need extra support, accountability or coaching to make long lasting changes.

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What's included?

Whichever programme you decide on, the following is guaranteed to be included: 

  • Before your consultation you'll complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and 7 day food diary

  • An Initial Consultation takes place in person or online via Zoom/Skype (approximately 60 -90 minutes). During this time I will ask you questions about your health status, medication, diet, lifestyle, symptoms, family history, environmental factors, sleep, stress levels and more!  This will allow me to fully assess what body systems are under stress and what nutrition and lifestyle support measures are needed.

  • I will take into consideration if you have any obstacles or challenges that are perhaps stopping you from making changes,  such as time, a busy lifestyle, poor mobility or a restricted budget. I will work with you, personalising any advice given so that it is achievable for you. I am also passionate about delving into mindset and discovering whether you have any limiting thoughts and beliefs that maybe holding you back. 

  • We will be identifying your Health goals and vision by using the SMARTER Goal model

  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan will be developed step by step during the 12 weeks, tailored to your needs and circumstances

  • Educational support

  • Meal and recipe ideas

  • Review of food diary and access to health journal via Practice Better App 

  • A personalised supplement plan will be included if required with any drug/nutrient contraindications assessed

  • The plan may include recommendations for GP or private functional tests if required. This may include: Thyroid tests, Adrenal Stress tests, Hormone panel testing, Comprehensive stool Analysis, food intolerances/sensitivities etc

  • A 10 % discount on practitioner grade supplements is included​​​

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly follow up sessions (depending on chosen programme) will take place by telephone or online via Zoom/Skype to review progress and amend the plan to support you moving forward.

  • Email support is provided throughout.​

Please note that any recommended tests or supplements, are not included in the price. ​

Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and there may be occasions when I need to refer you to your GP or another healthcare professional.



I offer bespoke workshops/courses, specialising in women's health, general wellbeing and hormone balance. Topics include - Nutrition and lifestyle, weight management, hormone balance and digestive/gut health. Prices vary, please contact for further information.

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